How to Get Over Fear Part 1

There is really one way to get over fear. The way to do it is what I call little by little. For example, if you are afraid of swimming, it would not make sense to jump off a ship in the middle of the ocean, now would it? The reason is because you will suffer from post-traumatic stress if that was to take place. If the fear is to great, it cannot be conquered all at once. So this is where the little by little concept comes to place.

afraid and fearful

Now who cares about oceans and swimming, although there are beautiful women on the beach. When it comes to women, many men are afraid and fearful of approaching, talking, mingling, laughing, you name it. The reason is because most have never done it. Wait, so you are saying that I have never approached a girl before? No. Your mother does not count. What I am saying is that you have never approached a beautiful girl or woman that you truly wanted to pickup without fear. Now maybe you have, and failed miserably, but that’s for another post.

So why have so many men turned into huge sissies? It’s because they are afraid of rejection. The guy who approaches the beautiful woman feels that she is too out of his league so he becomes afraid. That guy has already lost before he even made the approach. If you think that you are a loser, why would she think that you are not? Maybe this one time, and only this time, she will have sympathy and think of you as a different guy perhaps? Nope. She will think you are a huge sweaty and smelly loser with nothing better to do so you decide to drink some alcoholic courage to approach her.

alcoholic courage“Hey look at me, I’m trying and I have courage!” So anyways you go up to the girl thinking that this is it. You are going to win because you’ve mustered up the courage with some alcohol. Little do you know that you smell of bad breath and idiocy. The woman senses you from a far and says to herself, “Oh another smelly and sweaty guy coming over for some meaningless and boring conversation.” Before she finishes that thought, you are over there with “hey baby”. And that is pretty much the last thing you remember before she walks away from you in disgust. Was it your breath? Perhaps. Or was it the way that you pronounced baby? Probably, who calls a woman a baby without knowing her? What are you her dad? …”Daddy Dollars” some guy yells in the back who is also really drunk and doesn’t help your cause especially when he is a part of your entourage. Fools, I say. Fools. This my friend, actually you are not my friend, maybe if you shower first and lose the bad breath we can call you my apprentice. This is not how you approach a woman and definitely not how you get over fear.

Sure, some alcohol is good to have when mustering up some courage but if you do not have the other characteristics of the bad boy or player, you will strike out. Now the bad boy or player also strike out when I come into the picture with The Wolf tactics. Oh, we are going to have so much fun…well I am going to have fun writing these posts and you can take notes and learn from them. Once you read what I will write, you will learn the tactics. Now this is good for the part 1 of how to get over fear. In part 2, I will break it down for you step by step…or will I? You got to read it to find out.

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