Gym Beauties

For those of you who go to the gym, I am sure that by now you have your “gym crush.”  For those of you who DON’T go to the gym, I suggest you start going for your own physical health and wellbeing.  Plus, girls like guys who workout!  But that’s a whole different topic.  The gym is a fantastic place to see beautiful women, and to talk to them!  However, you need to approach these girls in a different way than you would someone at a bar or club.

Girls at the gym are usually intimidating to pick up or talk to.  Plus if they are hot, there are a plethora of men who try to talk to them (which is why many of them wear headphones).  You need to approach women at the gym in a very similar way you would a girl that is a waitress or bartender.  I spoke about that in my last article which you can find here: Working Beauties

hot gym girl

What I mean by that is, you need to take your time when picking up these girls.  You should be a regular at the gym (just as you should be at a bar), so you will see pretty much the same girls every time.  You shouldn’t try to pick them up the FIRST time, and you shouldn’t have extremely lengthy conversations with them.  As always, there are no hard rules, so if the conversation just so happens to be going really well and she keeps talking to you, then just go with the flow!

When in doubt, always go with the flow.

Talking to girls at the gym will be very similar to the way you approach and talk to girls out in bars or clubs.  It’s quite simple really, and it starts off slowly with you striking up a conversation with them.  You need to position yourself in talking proximity to them, but not in a way that’s creepy.  For example, you could just so happen to walk up to the water fountain to fill up your water bottle at the same time as when they are taking a drink.  Or you could grab a machine close to where they are.  Make sure that you don’t do an approach when a girl is clearly having an intense workout and is sweating like a pig.  This is just good gym etiquette.  You wouldn’t be in the mood to talk to a stranger right after a hard workout either.

Your initial comment can be super simple, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself.  The other day I went up to a girl in the gym and asked her what she thought about one of the leg press machines she was working out on, and did it hurt her knees at all.  Super simple opener which allows for conversation.  I just seemed genuinely interested in what she thought about the machine, and NOT in trying to pick her up.  You see, all guys want to pick up that hot girl at the gym, so you shouldn’t be THAT guy.  You need to be different.

gym girls

After your initial conversation starter, you should really keep the conversation short.  She’s trying to workout, and you’re not a desperate creep.  Say something to excuse yourself like, “Okay well I’ll let you get back to your workout.  It was nice meeting you, cheers.”  Fairly formal and not acting like your that dude that’s going to creep on her every time you see her.  You see, you can’t lay on the game too hard at first because if for some reason it back fires on you, you will see this girl EVERY time you go to the gym.

From here, you should make it a point to talk to her briefly when you see her at the gym.  Pull out your humor and make funny comments about things going on around you.  If you play your cards right, you will see that she will open up to you.  She will eventually start approaching YOU in the gym to start up conversations.  It’s a slower process, but when you get to a certain point it will start to snowball.  Eventually you can ask her for her number and invite her to hang out outside of the gym.  All you need is confidence, patience, and humor.  You are that funny interesting guy at the gym who she WANTS to get to know better!


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”