Gaming Strippers like a Super Player

Most guys only dream of being able to pick up pretty girls, let alone strippers. You see, strippers tend to be pretty “difficult” for the average guy because they are too “advanced”. They are go-to girls for guys at the strip clubs, so they’ve heard every canned line you can imagine. Their game is top notch and they don’t give a bluck. So to be able to pick them up, you got to follow the 3-Tip Rule.

Rule 1 – You always dress extremely impressive when you are going to a strip club. This means that you look better than when you go out to a fancy or upscale bar. Think executive style, but more on the fresh & fly vibe. For example, you don’t go into a strip club wearing a suit and a tie because you look like a married man who’s away from his wife for a few hours. Yes, you may look “rich” with a suit and a tie, but strippers can see you as a sucker who wants to cheat on his wife. They will pretend to give a crap about you, but in actuality they are after your money. Aren’t they after everyone’s money though? No.

Strippers will not approach you if you are wearing a baseball cap and a plain t-shirt because you look like a loser. You should never be wearing such an outfit anyways if you are going out somewhere. Have some class man! Dress with style. So anyways, what do strippers like to see on a super player? They want to see a guy who’s a Baller-Holic. This means that you sport a nice dress shirt with 3 buttons unbuttoned at the top, sleeves rolled up, Gucci belt, Guess Falcon jeans, Aldo or Prada shoes, Movado watch, nice silver bracelet and with or without diamond studs. Don’t go for fake crap. Stick to the real stuff.

strip club game

Yeah, but Nicholas I can’t afford all that! Well, then why are you trying to pick up strippers! All you REALLY need is 3 such outfits that you can wear and you are GOLDEN for the first step. Preferably, you also want to rock the 5 o’clock shadow as well to complete the whole bad-boy look. Most strippers do not want a nice guy, so the bad-boy look will do the trick.

Rule 2 – Never buy a dance. Always go with a friend who’s dressed normal or a little under-dressed compared to you and have him buy you the dance. Heck, he can even be dressed good as well. What matters is that he buys you the dance. Never buy the dance or pay for it yourself. If you do, you are out. So when the stripper starts dancing for you, always be looking around the room and pretending like you could care less. She will almost always ask you “what’s wrong?” and then you reply with “Oh nothing, just looking at some hot girls.” When you act like you don’t care and that you are not interested, you WILL capture her attention. This is how strippers work. Those who think they can’t have, they want. It doesn’t sit right with them in their reality when a guy doesn’t want them.

Rule 3 – Make her work for it. If she asks you a question, be vague. For example, let’s say she asks you where you work, you say, “I don’t want to discuss jobs right now.” When she asks you if you have a girlfriend, you say, “Yes, but it’s on and off, so I don’t know, but I don’t want to talk about my girlfriend right now.” Always keep her on her toes. However, once in a while make a joke, such as “Wow girl, nice curves, let me guess your name was probably Barbie.” She says, “Thanks” or something else taking it as a compliment, and you say, “Don’t get ahead of yourself, I’ve seen plenty of barbies around.”

Never try to pick her up right there or ask for her number. If you captured her attention enough, she will give you hers. It’s almost never a usual setting in which the guy asks for a girl’s number when it comes to strip clubs. Now, you have the skills needed; you just need practice. Get out there and gett’em!

~Nicholas Diamond~