First Date Dilemma

Fact: the first date can make or totally destroy your chances with any girl.  The first date is really where you can shine and show the girl what kind of man you are (personality wise anyways).  Many guys make the mistake of picking the wrong venue for the first date, and even going overboard showing too much interest too soon.  I can give you sound advice on what steps to take on the first date in order to increase your chances of seeing this girl again.

So you got this hot girl’s number after playing your cards right at the local club.  She was totally into you and you were on point the whole night.  Now you’re all excited to see her again and are imagining the possibilities with this girl.  Hold your horses partner!  Don’t let yourself get too excited.  It’s best to stay calm and collected.

What you need to do is to casually set up a first date with this girl.  This can be done with a casual texting conversation no earlier than two days after you got this girl’s number.  During your texting conversation you should suggest meeting up for some coffee and good conversation.  You see, the whole point of the first date after first meeting is to get to know the girl more personally, and let her know you as well.  This is best accomplished over a non-threatening cup of coffee or drink after work one day.

coffee shop

The reason that it’s best to go for coffee or a drink is because it’s not “forcing” anything.  Going out for dinner has so many expectations coming along with it.  Leave that for the second date.  For now, bring the girl to a local trendy café or bar.  There you can be sure that the girl will feel at ease in the social environment.  It’s at that time that you can dig in and start to get to know this girl; who she is, what her family is like, who she hangs out with.  Make sure to create a fun and open environment through light hearted conversation and jokes.  Try not to dig too much into her personal life and don’t ask too many prying questions.  Just scratch the surface enough to make her feel comfortable with you.

It’s important to feel this girl out too in order to make sure that you’re still interested.  Don’t be afraid to excuse yourself politely if you start to get turned off.  It’s okay to be picky!


Pierre VonAyre