Fighting is for Chumps

There are some guys that I know that live to pick a fight, especially when they get to a certain level of drunkenness.  I’m sure many of you have also seen fights break out at bars or clubs (especially in college).  It’s exciting in a way, especially for men, to see these random fights break out.  We all know they aren’t gonna go anywhere, but it’s still entertaining to watch.  Heck, I even used to box so I like watching a good fight on tv!  However, the vast majority of women do NOT like fighting.

Not only do women not like fighting, but they don’t really like it when fights break out.  It makes the venue really uncomfortable for them, and most of the time you will actually see all of the women start to leave.  A place that has lots of fights starts to feel “unsafe,” and they don’t like places that are unsafe for them (obviously, who doesn’t).  You have to remember that women have a different sense of safety than men do.

dumb fight

When you’re out with your boys, and a random fight breaks out, you start to get excited and then return to normal as soon as it is over.  Not so for women.  In fact, women don’t even like men who start fights!  So if you’re one of those guys that actually enjoys starting fights, you’re going to run into problems in the female department.  A proverb says, “a man who is quick to anger exalts folly.”  And it shows.  You end up looking dumb rather than tough if you get involved in fights.  You are supposed to be that cool fun guy.

You don’t need to get in fights in order to make a woman feel secure with you.  Men that fight all of the time are actually more insecure with themselves because they feel they have to show that they’re tougher than someone else.  If someone randomly attacks you that’s a different story; by all means defend yourself and your loved ones.  But self-DEFENSE is different than an offensive behavior.  Catch my drift?


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”