Field Tactics: Maneuvering a Group

Everyone knows, or at least should know, that in order to be successful in the field you need to have the right strategy.  The way you dress and carry yourself, the things you say, and even the angle at which you approach a woman can determine your success or failure.  There are also different scenarios that play out in the field which you need to be prepared for.  Luckily enough, the same scenarios happen over and over again in all clubs and bars.  The only thing that changes from bar to bar is the atmosphere.  Once you go regularly, you will be able to see what I’m talking about.

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One of the scenarios that plays out time and time again is the “group” of girls.  More specifically, I’m talking about the dynamics that happen within the group.  It can be as little as a group of 3 girls, or as many as 10.  Either way, the dynamics are the same.  There are a few girls that are silent pretty much the whole time and just look down at their phones.  There is at least one girl that is open to talking to you.  Then there is the “mother goose.”  This is the girl who has designated herself as the protector of the group.  She’s usually the one who will tell a guy off to get him away from her friends.  She will also take care of her drunk friends.  The point is she will be the one cockblocking you.

You need to try to get into her good graces, which can usually be done with a couple lighthearted jokes.  In that way, she will realize that you’re a cool guy just trying to have a good time.  You see, she isn’t trying to necessarily be a jerk to everyone, she’s just trying to look out for her friends and keep away the weirdos.  Don’ t see her as a threat,  but merely as the avenue to be successful.  You get her on your side and you’re in.

The most important tactic when approaching a group of girls is the way in which you single out the girl you are actually interested in.  First, there will be girls in the group which you aren’t personally attracted to.   Don’t ignore these girls just because you aren’t attracted to them.  They’re human too, and they are interesting people as well.  Anyway, these are the girls that you want to talk to first when you approach the group.  Do not approach the girl you are interested in first.  She should be the LAST girl you talk to.  Also, do not show her much interest.  As you are talking to her other friends, making them laugh and having fun, she will probably try to talk too.  Don’t pay too much attention to her, just kind of laugh then keep talking to the others.


This totally seems counterproductive, but what it’s actually doing is making her more interested in you.  She will wonder why you aren’t talking to her at all, but are instead talking to her friends.  You will also seem like a really fun and interesting guy, because you’re having fun with her friends.  You can casually glance over at her to see if she keeps looking at you.  When you have successfully assimilated yourself into the group and they are comfortable with you, that’s when you make your move.  Make your way over to her, then start casually talking to her and having fun with her.  That’s when you’re game should come fully into play.  Get the whole group on your side!


Pierre VonAyre