Fertile Practice Grounds

No one denies the importance of having spot on game.  In fact, your game is way more important that your looks.  Of course you should have great style and try to look as good as you can, but that means nothing if you don’t have any game.  But how do you ensure that you have spot on game?  Practice, practice, practice.  The real question is; where is the best place to practice?

Probably one of the best ways to practice your game and increase your confidence is at the mall.  More specifically you should be going into stores where lots of cute girls work.  The usual spots are Abercrombie, American Eagle, Gap, Club Monaco, or Nordstrom.  The reason that these are the best places to talk to women is because the girls working there pretty much have to talk to you.  Plus it’s in a relaxed public environment so there is less pressure.  Also, you will be able to easily tell whether or not you’re doing well.

abercrombie store

Here is the secret, you can tell you’re doing a good job if the girl takes a personal interest in what you are saying and goes out of her way to take you around the store.  You should be going in there pretending that you need to buy something there.  Pretend you’re looking for the right button down shirt or sweater.  Make up an occasion which you are shopping for.  But be genuine about your approach and relaxed.  Don’t try to pick her up or anything (unless you’re doing a fantastic job), but don’t make it your goal to pick her up.  Your goal should be to have a good conversation with someone interesting, where you can joke around and laugh casually.  Conversation skills are extremely important.

Your mindset with this exercise is very important.  If you walk in there with the goal of picking up these girls, you will totally fail and will come off as creepy when you’re talking to them.  Don’t force a conversation, just let it flow naturally and don’t be afraid to walk away.  Like I said before, if you’re actually having a good conversation with good chemistry, you’ll be able to tell easily by her reaction to you.  She will either point you in the right direction or will actually personally walk you around the store acting like your personal shopper.  Happy shopping!


Pierre VonAyre