Failing with a Purpose

There is a little trick that only experienced pick up artists know about; that is failing on purpose.  Have you ever walked into a bar and immediately see a group of very attractive women that you want to talk to?  So, instinctively you make it your mission to talk to them FIRST.  You probably sit there and think about your approach, who you will talk to first, how will you open the group, and what to say after that.  After thinking about it, you start to get a little nervous.  Your nervousness starts to grow, and you even contemplate not approaching them at all.  When you do finally approach, you probably open up horribly and eventually get rejected.

Why did this happen?  What was wrong with approaching the group you wanted to first?  Well, nothing but everything.  You see, in your mind you don’t want to approach other girls because the hot group is your target (that is if there aren’t other hot groups there).  So why shouldn’t you ignore the other girls that don’t matter to you?  I mean, you aren’t attracted to them anyway, so why even bother?

hot girls in club

Well, what I mean by failing on purpose is that it’s very important that you talk to a few girls initially when you enter any scene in order to “warm up.”  You see, your first couple approaches will almost always fail, so you should fail with a purpose!  After talking to 2 or 3 girls initially, you start to get into a groove and remember that you don’t really care what they think about you.  You also start to become more natural, and you don’t have to force your approaches.  Natural approaches are always the best!

The girls that you approach initially should be ones that you’re not really attracted to, so there is a bit of a method to this madness.  If you are going to fail, it might as well be with girls who you don’t really give a crap about one way or the other.  After you find yourself not over analyzing an approach, then you know you are ready to go after the hot girls!


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”