Evolution ≠ The Pickup Game

I don’t know if everyone remembers from high school math class, but the symbol above means “does not equal.”  What do I mean by the title?  Well the answer is going to result in a bit of a rant, but will teach you to guard yourself against certain B/S theories that could mess with your mind, or will at the very least be utterly useless information.



Before I started my journey into the dating game, specifically trying to pick up women, I took it upon myself to try to learn from other proclaimed “pick up artists.”  I read multiple books and even bought video series.  After learning from the best, I applied different methods in the field and found out what worked for me.  After much trial and error, I had finally got my game down pact to where my success rate was really high and my self confidence was rock solid.

A lot of what many of these guys are saying is pretty legit, with a few exceptions here and there.  However, there is one topic that MOST of them repeat throughout their books/videos/audios that is probably the biggest pile of crap I have ever heard of.

They say that we are evolved to be afraid to talk to women because, back in the day (whenever the hell that is), you would be killed for talking to another man’s woman.  So that fear of being killed is still in us.  They also spew out a bunch of other “theories” trying to explain why we, as men, desire to have sex with many women.

What, are you an f-ing scientist now?  Did you go and study archaeology and zoology, write scientific research documents, and present a proven thesis before a room of professors?  The first dude I read who said that stuff was Mystery of the Mystery Method.  I’m not hating on his game, that’s not the point.  The guy is a magician.  Come on.

Anyone who starts spewing that crap at you is just trying to make themselves seem so knowledgeable and wise.  Guy, skip the crap and teach people how to get better at interacting with women.  What is the point of all that filler crap?  Are you trying to be philosophical?  That’s some bogus philosophy. What does that philosophy have to do with picking up women, honestly?

It’s all just about the particular person trying to puff themselves up artificially by pretending that they have insight to scientific facts and human genealogy.

Also, don’t make any excuses for yourself for not being able to approach women.  ”Oh, because of evolution, I am genetically predisposed to be afraid to talk to women.”  GTFO.  Excuses are for the weak.  Man up.  Everyone has fears, but that doesn’t have anything to do with evolution.  I’m not afraid of heights because my distant relative fell off a cliff.

You could read this and say, “haters gonna hate.”  Here’s the thing though, I’m not hating on their game.  They probably all have stellar results in the field.  It’s just all that extra bull crap that grinds my gears.


Just beware of filler bull crap, and ask yourself, “what does this have to do with helping me pick up women?”