Don’t Fear the Friend Zone

There’s a big FEAR that all men have when interacting with pretty much any attractive woman; that is getting put in the friend zone.  All guys are taught to try to “get with her” or else you will be put in this imaginary zone.  I’m here to dispel the myth about the negative side of being in the friend zone.  What I’m about to reveal about the subject may surprise you, but if you put it into practice you will notice a huge change over time; both in how you deal with women and how women react to you.

It is a complete LIE that men and women can’t be friends.  I feel like a lot of guys out there think that you have to f*ck everything that walks.  Keep it in your pants gentlemen!  I’m not saying to pass up an opportunity to hook up; what I am saying is that you DON’T have to try and get with EVERY hot girl that crosses your path.  What I’m proposing here when I say this, is that you should actually try to be FRIENDS with them.  That’s the other “F” word that’s rarely used when it comes to interacting with women in a positive way.

Stick with me here because what I’m saying here is very important.  Every pick up artist out there has gotten many women into bed with them.  But most pick up artists also have (hot) women who they are also just friends with.  So you shouldn’t think that they only have sex with women, or date women, and that they don’t have some that are just friends because that’s simply not true.  If you read Neil Strauss’ book, he even talks about being friends with some very attractive women (in a very platonic sense); yes one may desire the other one at some point in time, but neither party crosses the line.

So why have hot girls as friends you ask?  First, let me say that it is important that the girls are hot (there is a reason for this).  So the reason you need to have hot women as friends is because you will be able to see a side to women that other men don’t normally get to see.  You will start to find out what makes women tick, and what they think about BEHIND the scenes.  For example, have you ever gone on a date and then afterwards you wonder what the girl told her friends?  Well, if you ARE one of her friends then you will KNOW what she tells them!  You’ll also know what they think about guys in different environments, like in bars and clubs.  You will be on the other side.  You will see them get hit on, you will see how they react to different guys, THEN you will hear what they say about the guys!

girl friend 2

You will also know how to interact with women conversationally MUCH better.  It’s more than just being able to make them laugh, but to be able to carry on a conversation.  If you date someone, you also should be friends with them, so you need to know HOW to be friends with a woman.  Do you catch my drift?

Lastly, the reason you need to make sure that your girl friends are attractive is because that makes YOU look really good, plus you know how hot girls think.  Imagine walking into a club with a group of hot girls?  You will be looked at much differently than someone that walks in with all dudes.  Girls around you will also see you as more trustable because you’re hanging out with women.

I know this all from personal experience.  I have a group of hot girls that I hang out with regularly.  I meet other hot women that they also know, and so that easily expands my circle of women.  Girls also have connections that guys don’t normally get.  For example, for the 4th of July I got invited to a rooftop party to watch the fireworks in the city, all because of the girls that I roll with.  Go and do likewise!


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”