Don’t Be Cheap: The Responsible Way

We all know the importance of monetary responsibility.  But do you know the effects of being cheap?  I mean, do you REALLY know?  Did you know, the extent to which you are willing to spend money can enhance or hamper your ability to get women?  It can, and with a great degree of certainty at that.  Trust me I’m a business man at heart, always have been.  I am no stranger to the desire to save money and find good deals.  In fact, I still think it’s best to find the best deal you can with any purchase decision.  So when I say don’t be cheap, I’m not telling you to go out and buy $300 shirts.

There I was sitting in my office about to go on vacation to London in a week.  My hair had grown out longer than usual and it was that time of month again; time to get a haircut.  I’m a guy, of course I don’t like to take time out of my day to get a stupid haircut.  Sitting there pretending to care about what the barber has to say, and subsequently joking back with him to keep from getting into that awkward silence.  The barber is a short walk from my work, and only costs $15.  How could I pass on a $15 haircut?  On one hand, the last four haircuts I got from the barber, we’ll call him Joe, successively got worse.  But on the other hand, I really didn’t walk a little farther to the salon to get a haircut for $30.  The deal finder in me drove me to the barber.

Long story short, my hair would have looked better if a blind man had cut it.  In fact, I was the butt of any jokes from my best friend and girlfriend for about 3 weeks after.  Plus, I looked like crap when I went to London!  Two lessons learned here; being cheap has consequences, and never let a man touch your hair.

Quasimodo Hairstyle

I will go into the topic of “where you should get your haircut” in a separate post, but for now take the lesson that I learned.  To be certain, it’s true that what you pay for is what you get.  If you pay $15 for a haircut, you’re going to look like you got a $15 haircut.  If you want to look like Quasimodo then discontinue reading this article.  I’m going to take this further and bring clothing into discussion.  If you’re shopping at really cheap retail outlets like Khol’s, you’re not going to get really flashy “peacocking” clothes.  Your clothes will also not look as nice; the fabric won’t be quality and the color will fade quickly.

At this point, I have to say that it isn’t necessary to spend excessively.  You shouldn’t have to spend an outrageous amount just to buy nice things.  For clothing, buying items at Banana Republic, Express, or Buckle should suffice.  Check out their prices and get an idea of how much you should be paying for certain items.  Give yourself a budget and stick to that.  Also, don’t be afraid to check out Marshalls for good deals on the SAME clothing you would get at the fashion stores.  For example, I got a sick pair of GUESS jeans for $29…normally $89!  I am not in any way affiliated with these stores, nor am I selling for them.  I am just trying to give you examples of what I would do personally.

Also, don’t be cheap when it comes to women, especially in the beginning of the relationship.  This includes leaving tips for waiters and waitresses!  A girl will notice your generosity and think you’re a solid guy.  Take her out to nice restaurants; they don’t have to be $50 per plate restaurants, but do not show your face in Chipotle with your date.  Don’t go around buying every girl at the bar a drink, or you look like an idiot.  Save it for that one chick that catches your fancy.  Then buy her something really classy.

Take a lesson from me; with anything that you are buying (whether it be a car, clothes, phone, etc.), the quality of the item will directly reflect the price you pay for it.  You need to surround yourself with a certain prestige to perfect your image.  Plus you look like an @ss if you’re being cheap!  You need to surround yourself with a certain prestige to perfect your image.


Pierre VonAyre