Creativity Gets You Laid

Gentlemen, if there is one thing that I know that I want to pass on to you, it is the FACT that guys who get creative and suave with their dates get laid a lot more than those that don’t.  There are a few basic principles that you should follow when taking girls on dates.  The point of these guidelines is to make you come off as the fun sophisticated guy (which you should be by now), and it should make you stand out from ANYONE the girl has ever dated before.

There are things that I do on dates that girls tell me they have never experienced before.  I am in no way talking about sexual acts, those are separate from what I refer to as “dating.”  Sex is a byproduct of a good date, and is never the point of a good date.  A good date should leave both you, and more importantly the girl, with a blissful feeling of wanting more.  Don’t worry gentlemen, the sex will come, but you should never go on a date with the expectation of sex.  That will set you off on the wrong mindset, and instead of focusing on the girl and enjoying yourself, you will just be thinking about the sex.

boring guy

First off, you should ALWAYS act like a gentleman.  Never let the woman pay for anything, because it is HER night not yours.  She should be your main focus.  If she offers to help pay (which any classy girl will do), you graciously say to her “No no I got it, relax you’re with me!”  Second, ALWAYS open doors for her including your car door.  Show her that chivalry is NOT dead.  Show her that you’re a top notch guy, and not just some loser trying to get down her pants.  Proper manners and etiquette are always a must.

Now to the meat of this article: the creativity.  You need to try and do things with her that no guy does.  For the first couple dates it is okay to just take her out to dinner.  The dinner should be at a nice restaurant (that should go without saying).  However, dinner shouldn’t always be the thing that you do together!  Try taking her out to fun places.  For example, take her to a comedy show or to an art gala event.  Other options could be, take her to workout together (if that’s what you’re both into), or you could take her salsa dancing.  You need to think of things that are fun to do together.  Going out to dinner and to the movies is for high schoolers and couples.  You are not a couple yet, therefore you need to woo her in a sense.  A top notch guy will take a girl out to fun places.

One of the best dates I have been on is I took a girl on a sunset sail around the harbor where I lived.  After that I got us a table at a classy seafood restaurant right on the harbor.  Successful date indeed…in more ways than one!  You see, I still ended with dinner but I threw in something creative and fun.  Who doesn’t want to go on a romantic sunset sail around a harbor!  Go and do likewise.


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”