What’s Your Excuse Today?

There are those who will take risks, even if they make mistakes, and will eventually succeed.  They don’t let their fears or anxieties stop them.  They also use their mistakes as an opportunity to learn.  In fact, they almost go for the rejection because they know inwardly that they will learn more from them.  Then there are those who make every excuse in the book.  They continuously psych themselves out to the point where they barely make an approach at all. Continue reading

Rules of the Wolf Pack

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a wolf pack is a group of people or things that operate as a hunting and attacking pack.  For the purposes of this post, we are going to use the word to describe the friends you surround yourself with when you go out on weekends.  A well selected group of friends will be as effective as a highly trained army in the field of battle. Continue reading

A Second Date Cancellation

There are certain things in this world that happen sporadically, in fact most things do.  It’s hard to set plans in stone because they never fall into place quite like we want them to.  However, there are certain events that seem to fall into a certain pattern.  One particular event happens after the second date, almost like clockwork.  It’s something that you can pretty much count on to happen, but is definitely not necessarily a bad thing. Continue reading

How Watching Adult Content Can Ruin Your Game

Many guys are obsessed with watching adult movies. They get obsessed because they fancy themselves with all the “beautiful” women that they see on their screen. However, they should know that a) those women without makeup are not exactly that pretty and b) it’s just a fantasy. It is not real. So how does this affect your game? It affects your game because of three things: Continue reading

How to Use Eye Contact like a Dragon

If you want to attract a beautiful woman, you need to make eye contact. This is one of the most under-the-radar ways to pick up a woman that most men do not even realize. The eye contact I am referring to is one that is so powerful that a woman can’t help but feel ATTRACTION for you. You need to be careful with how you use this tip because it is very powerful. Continue reading

Avoid the Losers, Connect with the Winners

Nicholas here. This is going to be a post you want to pay attention to just like every other post I write. If you hang out with a bunch of losers, ditch them. What do I mean? It is a very simple exercise. Literally sit down and write the contributions that each of the people you hang with brings to the table. For example, person A brings money to the table and pays for everyone while he is out at the bar with you. This may be a good connect. Person B may bring along a few attractive women to the bars or clubs when going out with you so that your status is raised; this is good. Person C dresses very normal, talks negative, and makes fun of you when you look your best. You ditch Person C. Continue reading

Living in a Townie Paradise

Last night I had a revelation as we quickly exited a bar that we had just gone into three minutes earlier.  No one that we were with seemed to understand fully why other than Nicholas and myself.  The place smelled of cheap beer and cigarettes.  The bouncer was a scruffy fat dude who probably could have chased you about 10 feet before finally giving up and returning back to his corner.  The bar alley way was narrow and packed with about 20 guys.  Ladies and gentlemen, the townie bar. Continue reading

Kicking Back Grampa’s Old Cough Medicine: A Game Blunder

You’re out with your boys and the night is young.  You start sipping on a couple beers to get in the mood.  Once you get to the right level of intoxication, you feel like you can conquer the world.  You instantly feel the ability to dance your butt off or approach the hottest girl without thinking twice.  It’s like liquid balls.  However, many guys don’t realize that even getting too buzzed (let alone drunk) can completely wreck their game.  That’s why rule numero uno for a successful club night is, a true Wolf doesn’t get drunk. Continue reading

The Game is Won or Lost in your Mind

You always seem to hear that line from high school coaches or in motivational sports movies.  It is perhaps a bit cliché, but we here at Seduction Wolf can’t deny the truth behind it.  It all starts with your mindset going into the field.  If you’re depressed and have a bad attitude, it’s going to show.  If you are mentally confident and feel on top of the world, then you’re going to have a good night.  A perfect example can be seen by examining the actions of my friend Jake.

mental game Continue reading

The Most Interesting Man in the World

I’m sure we have all see the Dos Equis commercials featuring the most interesting man in the world.  A suave older gentleman, aged like a fine wine, with a white beard and funny sayings.  He is the epitome of manliness.  Not in the sense that you should be fake or have strange stories.  But in his attitude where he knows his strong points and always has something interesting to say because of his knowledge.  He has a cool collected confidence about him.  You must become the most interesting man in the world. Continue reading