Beware of Samantha Syndrome

This article is a follow up of sorts to the one that I wrote last week on how to be successful with dating apps, like Tinder and Hinge.  There is a very rare, but powerful phenomena that may or may not happen to some of you.  I call it Samantha Syndrome.  It happened to me once in high school, then happened again when I was in college.  It also happened to a friend of mine.  Like I said, it is very rare but could happen to you.  I’m writing this to warn any of you who are thinking of using dating apps or websites, so that you can see the signals.

Samantha Syndrome is when a super hot girl is attracted to you (online) for almost no reason.  I’m not talking about normal attraction, what I mean is that this girl is trying to get with you hardcore.  Like she’s saying you’re hot, she’s so attracted to you, she wants to meet up, etc.  By no reason, I mean that you barely have to try at all.  Maybe the most you say is hi or something, and she’s trying to eat you up like a hungry hyena.  And by hot, I mean HOT.  Like this girl is model status.  A girl that you look at and almost can’t even resist because she is so delicious.


Basically what happened to me (twice) is this; a really hot girl messaged ME on a dating site and was really trying to talk to me.  She kept the conversation running and kept telling me how she thought I was hot.  I was a bit suspicious at first, but this girl was hot and had multiple pictures, so I thought I would see what happened.  Then she gave ME her number without me even having to ask for it!  That’s two things that almost never happen to us guys; a hot girl approaching YOU and giving YOU her number without even asking.

So I start texting this girl and she’s sending me all of these pictures of herself (not naked or anything…yet).  She sent me pics of her new car, pictures of herself after she “got her hair done,” etc.  So it started seeming more and more legit to me.  She then asked if she could call me up, which she did, and we had a full blown conversation.  At that point, I was 100% convinced this girl was legit.  The next day I even woke up to a picture of her half naked in a towel!  I was drooling, this girl was smoking hot.  My wiener started doing the thinking for me.

We made plans to meet up for dinner, and I was stoked.  A HOT girl that was showing full interest in me, and I didn’t even have to play the game or work for it.  Every man’s dream!

I get to the place we were meeting at, and she texted and said she would be leaving soon to get there.  So I waited…and waited…and waited.  Finally after about an hour of waiting, I texted her and said “Everything okay?”  Figuring maybe she was in traffic, or maybe car troubles, or whatever.  She texts me back and apparently her neighbor had a heart attack and she went with them in the ambulance.  How freakin convenient.

I didn’t buy that story for a second.  Okay, so your neighbor had a heart attack and YOU went with his family to the hospital?  Yeah right.  I like my neighbors, but I wouldn’t go with them in an ambulance unless absolutely necessary.  Another thing is, she never even texted me or called about it.  I had to do it!

Do you know that saying, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably isn’t?  Well that holds true in this case as well.

When I said this happened to me twice, I wasn’t kidding.  The situation above was the second time it happened, which is why I just brushed it off and didn’t talk to her again.  The first time was in high school, and basically the same exact thing happened.  Hot girl messages me, is into me, talks to me on the phone, is WAY overly sexual, and flakes out at the very last minute.  Turned out that she was a fat chick making it all up (don’t ask how I found that out).

Those are the symptoms you have to look for gentlemen.  Beware of girls that are WAY too interested and who are OVERLY sexual.  Any REAL hot self respecting girl will not show her interest too much and will not be overly sexual with you (at least not at first).


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”