Better to Give than to Receive

We’ve all heard that old saying around Christmas time that, “It’s better give than to receive.”  The same goes when you are dealing with women and sex.  But there is a particular reason why.  I can assure you that it will benefit you MUCH more if you get into the mindset of giving.  There is a purpose as to why I am writing this article, and it is as a result of a conversation that I had with an ex-girlfriend.

Apparently, according to my ex-girlfriend, there are A LOT of men who expect the girl to pleasure them first and then they may or may not pleasure the girl in return, depending on how they feel.  I actually used to do the same before I got in the pickup game.  I don’t know where this selfish attitude comes from in us guys!

After a few years of less than satisfying sex, I started to change the way I did things and I’ve never looked back!  Basically what I do is that I purely focus on giving the woman as much pleasure as I possibly can.  In fact, I am NOT satisfied until I have her exhausted in a pile of ecstasy!  Why do this?  Because, I promise you that a girl will be MUCH more attracted to you if you can pleasure her in any way possible.  She will then actually attack you like a lion, and will give you back more pleasure than you could actually imagine.

I can personally vouch for the fact that by giving a woman more pleasure and being “selfless,” she will turn around and will give you back even more!  She will become SO attracted to you, and will almost be at the point of addiction to your good ol’ fashioned lovin’.  I don’t just mean the actual act of sex, I mean the WHOLE cake.  You see women are like an oven, you have to warm them up first.

candles in bath

You need to pull out all the stops and find out EXACTLY what she likes and then try to do it better than anyone ever has before.  Devour her like a hungry lion.  You need to be HUNGRY to pleasure HER.  Trust me, in the end it will all come back to benefit you!

Pull out ALL the stops, gentlemen.  Set the mood in the environment with candles.  Find some great romantic music tracks and have them ready.

Give her massages, kiss and lick her all over, give her oral sex, and then lastly you can go in and have regular sex (but only when she basically begs for it).  Take it from me, most of the time when women are SO turned on they will actually BEG you for sex.  I’m not saying that women are an object, or that you should be taking advantage of them in ANY way.  I’m just saying that, if you’re with a woman that you care about, then treat her right in this area.  Treat her BETTER than right.  Strive to be the BEST lover than she has EVER had!


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”