Become an Expert Conversationalist

Many men cannot hold or carry a conversation, my previous self included. I was one of those guys who a) didn’t have anything to say, and b) didn’t really care about having to say something. I simply wanted to get down a woman’s pants as soon as possible. However, this always back fired. I did not know why at the time but with more practice, and now being an expert in the pick up field, I know EXACTLY why I failed.

You see, most women; especially the attractive ones, have already heard all the lame conversations that a guy uses to pick them up. So the key here is to ask questions that are a) Genuine and b) Sincere. You have to be interested in HER and not what you want to DO with her in the bedroom. Girls can read between the lines and are very smart when it comes to guys hitting on them. Do you know how many times a woman has heard, “Can I buy you a drink?” from a guy? It makes me sick.

talking in conversation

The guy thinks that “Oh, maybe I should offer to buy her a drink and that will make her loosen up and come home with me.” This can happen, but then again so can a bird taking a crap on your head. The chance of picking up a woman quickly with lame tactics is ALMOST non-existent unless you are into advantage taking, which I am VERY MUCH against. Do not take advantage of women; especially drunk ones. Losers are the ones who take advantage.

The KEY to succeeding with women and becoming a perfect conversationalist that women LOVE to talk to is by GENUINELY caring about what she says. For example, if she says, “I’m a nurse,” you can literally ask three really good questions to follow up on her answer. Most guys would say, “Oh really? That’s interesting. Do you like it?” OR “Oh wow, I know someone who was or use to be a nurse as well.” Boo hoo, no one cares.

What I would say is “That’s cool, now let me ask you this: Do you specialize in a particular area, such as a gastroenterology specialist or are you still undecided and working as a registered nurse before moving up in the hierarchy?” You see the power in that question? She will think to herself, “Wow, finally a guy who doesn’t ask a dumb question.”

This will keep her on her toes by showing her that a) you are different than most guys, b) you are genuinely interested because this isn’t some stupid canned line to pick her up, c) you are pretty educated because you use words, such as “Gastroenterology” and “Hierarchy” and that you are in the “in” group since you know a thing or two about nurses; registered nurse, etc.

Once she answers that question (usually she opens up), and says, “Oh, that’s a good question. I’m actually currently a registered nurse, but I’m working on my Master’s to become a doctor in the field of Anesthesiology. I have an interest in medicine and like to help people.” Boom, gentlemen you know how I can carry this conversation while sleeping? I will literally say, “Okay three things. One, I appreciate the fact that you are ambitious and seem to have a good head on your shoulders. Most women do not know what they want and kind of drift like a ship without sail in the ocean. Two, you have really nice earrings. Three, did you always wanted to be a doctor in that field, or do you have family members who inspired you to take such a path?”

good conversation starter

Now the conversation is starting to turn into sensual flirting initiated by me. When she answers me back, I would say, “You know it’s interesting to find out about others. Usually people at the bars only talk beers and sports. Your boyfriend must be lucky because nurses make some good money.” Now, she will tell me whether or not she has a boyfriend AND she will start to ask me questions about what I do for work, etc. if she does not have a boyfriend. If she DOES have a boyfriend, I would talk to her for another 5-10 minutes before excusing myself to move on and talk to others. Just because she has a boyfriend does not mean you stop talking to her. Remember you weren’t trying to pick her up in the first place, or at least that’s what she thinks :)

I have so much to teach you gentlemen, it’s not even funny. But this is some good tips for this article. Remember if you want to succeed with women, you HAVE to be genuine, ask good questions, and FLIRT correctly.