Be a Wolf, Not a Hyena

There are a lot of dudes out there throwing out advice these days.  Some good, some bad.  I have recently become aware of some people telling guys about kiss closing the deal, but in a way that’s TOO fast.  Now, I’m no prude and I’m not against a kiss close at a bar.  Hell, if a girl is into you and you’re getting all the signs then it’s definitely possible to successfully initiate the kiss close!  But, that isn’t what some guys are saying.

What these dudes have been advising is that, when you see a girl that looks interested or makes certain “signs,” then you walk over to her, say a one liner in her ear, then immediately kiss her.  Can anyone say rape tactics?  Here’s the thing, there ARE a select group of women where this would work well on (easy women).  I’m talking REAL easy, like the first gym fight in Pokemon.  You know what I’m talking about.

BUT, there isn’t really any way to tell if the girl you’re going for is one of those easy chicks.  You have to be REALLY good at reading the field before you would even remotely be able to tell if a particular girl is that easy.  I would NEVER suggest someone who is just starting out in the pickup game to try something this ballsy out.  The reason is that there is way too much risk for a newbie.

There’s nothing wrong with being a newbie, we’ve all been there.  But beware of trying things that are way too risky.  You don’t have the level of experience necessary to do “field reading.”  Nicholas and I can stand at the bar and instantly analyze groups of people; who’s a bitch, who’s easy, who’s bored, who’s classy, who’s approachable, etc.  We can also watch a guy approach a group of women, and can tell within the first minute if he’s going to fail.

We’ve been doing this for years though.


I think it’s really irresponsible to suggest that a new guy takes on such a risk.  Even now it’s sometimes hard for me to tell if a girl has a boyfriend.  Would you want to approach a girl and kiss close too fast only to see her boyfriend come out of the bathroom?  Guess what, you’d probably get knocked out.  And you would rightly deserve it too!

Also, what if you try it on a girl that cries “rape!”  Good luck getting out of that one.

A wolf patiently waits and observes his surroundings.  He analyzes the field and finds his targets.  One by one he picks them out and goes in for the kill at the RIGHT time.  A hyena is a dirty scavenger.  Going in and trying to pick the meat scraps off the carcass without and grace or beauty at all.  No patience, and no class.  Timing is everything gentlemen!  Don’t be a hyena and scavenge around for a kiss close, it’ll lead you down paths you never intended to go.  Don’t rush into it, and strike at the RIGHT TIME.


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”