Avoid the Losers, Connect with the Winners

Nicholas here. This is going to be a post you want to pay attention to just like every other post I write. If you hang out with a bunch of losers, ditch them. What do I mean? It is a very simple exercise. Literally sit down and write the contributions that each of the people you hang with brings to the table. For example, person A brings money to the table and pays for everyone while he is out at the bar with you. This may be a good connect. Person B may bring along a few attractive women to the bars or clubs when going out with you so that your status is raised; this is good. Person C dresses very normal, talks negative, and makes fun of you when you look your best. You ditch Person C.

hello loser

It is amazing how many people do not do this, girls included. Have you seen an attractive woman with a few friends and one alpha female that cock blocks the whole group? This happens often. One girl in the group is so dominant and gets jealous when her attractive friend is hit on by guys. What should the ladies do? Ditch the b!tch. The people you hang with will make or break your success with women. Trust me on this one.

I’ve gone out with so many guys in the past, you’ll wet your pants. These guys ranged from the biggest losers to the supposed biggest players. I ditched them like a kid ditches broccoli. If they do not bring anything to the table, they do not eat at my table. See what I’m saying? Why should they hinder my success and only mooch off me when I succeed? It is not fair to me, so I simply avoid such people.

you eat nothing

The types of people you should avoid are: negative people, druggies, super-hyper, clown / court jester, male models, smelly, obese, cave men, brawlers, drunks, and men who only talk sports. Back in the day, I surrounded myself by a male model when going out and it back fired in two ways: 1) Girls thought we were gay (let’s face it, I’m super good looking), 2) He would lift up his shirt and show his 8-pack and I had some semi-competition. Why even do that? I could simply hang out with other players who also go by the philosophy of what works, which is “You don’t eat if you don’t bring to the table,” or as Rico said in Paid in Full, “You eat nothing!” Remember girls WILL judge you by the company you rock with.