Gaming Strippers like a Super Player

Most guys only dream of being able to pick up pretty girls, let alone strippers. You see, strippers tend to be pretty “difficult” for the average guy because they are too “advanced”. They are go-to girls for guys at the strip clubs, so they’ve heard every canned line you can imagine. Their game is top notch and they don’t give a bluck. So to be able to pick them up, you got to follow the 3-Tip Rule. Continue reading

How to Get Over Fear Part 1

There is really one way to get over fear. The way to do it is what I call little by little. For example, if you are afraid of swimming, it would not make sense to jump off a ship in the middle of the ocean, now would it? The reason is because you will suffer from post-traumatic stress if that was to take place. If the fear is to great, it cannot be conquered all at once. So this is where the little by little concept comes to place. Continue reading

How Watching Adult Content Can Ruin Your Game

Many guys are obsessed with watching adult movies. They get obsessed because they fancy themselves with all the “beautiful” women that they see on their screen. However, they should know that a) those women without makeup are not exactly that pretty and b) it’s just a fantasy. It is not real. So how does this affect your game? It affects your game because of three things: Continue reading

How to Use Eye Contact like a Dragon

If you want to attract a beautiful woman, you need to make eye contact. This is one of the most under-the-radar ways to pick up a woman that most men do not even realize. The eye contact I am referring to is one that is so powerful that a woman can’t help but feel ATTRACTION for you. You need to be careful with how you use this tip because it is very powerful. Continue reading

The Bad Boy Look: A Gold Necklace and a Black Wife Beater

If you want to attract hot and beautiful women, you need to have the bad boy look. What does this mean? Everyone and their dog keeps talking about how women are attracted to the bad boy, but who really knows what this means exactly? I do. You know the expression: fake it till you make it? Well, I will confess something to all of you reading this. I use to be the biggest faker ever, and women would notice it as soon as I started to talk because I didn’t have the qualities of the bad boy. However, over time, I learned how to dress like the bad boy so women knew exactly what to expect from me. I became the man that was not your boyfriend. Women liked this because they weren’t looking for a relationship. They were looking for a Mr. Right Now if you know what I mean. Continue reading

Avoid the Losers, Connect with the Winners

Nicholas here. This is going to be a post you want to pay attention to just like every other post I write. If you hang out with a bunch of losers, ditch them. What do I mean? It is a very simple exercise. Literally sit down and write the contributions that each of the people you hang with brings to the table. For example, person A brings money to the table and pays for everyone while he is out at the bar with you. This may be a good connect. Person B may bring along a few attractive women to the bars or clubs when going out with you so that your status is raised; this is good. Person C dresses very normal, talks negative, and makes fun of you when you look your best. You ditch Person C. Continue reading

How to Raise Your Sex Appeal by a Few Notches

It’s Nicholas here and if there is something I know, it’s sex appeal. Most guys are clueless about the fact that they can look good with ease. In fact, these tips will seem so simple, you will slap yourself with a smelly fish. Yuck. I am going to cover three quick sections (you know I don’t like writing much). The three sections are eyes, hair, and smell. Already I know what you are thinking. “Wow, I kind of already know what Nicholas is going to talk about.” No you don’t, so shut your trapper keeper. If you knew, then you’d be with beautiful women all day long. Continue reading

There Are No Rules for Pickups

Nicholas here. I like to crash the whole pickup scene once in a while, you know shake it up; cause I can. I’ve tried every style that you can imagine to pickup chicks ranging from the goth look to the international playboy. What I’ve noticed is that the international playboy look ALWAYS beats any other look. The reason is because women are geared mentally toward a man who gives the vibe of success. Continue reading