A Second Date Cancellation

There are certain things in this world that happen sporadically, in fact most things do.  It’s hard to set plans in stone because they never fall into place quite like we want them to.  However, there are certain events that seem to fall into a certain pattern.  One particular event happens after the second date, almost like clockwork.  It’s something that you can pretty much count on to happen, but is definitely not necessarily a bad thing.

Over the course of my life so far, I have been on A LOT of dates.  Each woman is different and each dating situation is different as well, but there is one thing that seems to happen ALL the time.  You go on  that first (real) date, usually out to a nice romantic dinner or something, and everything goes really well.  Then after a number of days you get a second date planned out with the girl.  However, almost last minute (either the day before or early on the day of) the girl will cancel on you.  Not in a mean way or anything, but she will usually give a good excuse.  The actual excuse doesn’t really matter.

guy stood up

Usually this will leave you feeling a bit confused and disappointed because you have been looking forward to it.  Also, you will start to question whether or not she actually likes you.  Let me encourage you with the fact that you are not the only one out there who has experienced this.  I’ve had it happen to me MULTIPLE times, and have seen it happen to friends.  It is not a “game over” signal.  What you do after she cancels on you will determine whether or not you are going to see her again (unless she really isn’t into you, of course).

It’s almost like a test in a way, where they are trying to see how you will react.  You see, women play the game much better than men.  In fact, they’re basically above the game.  They just do it naturally, and don’t really do these things purposely to play around with you.  So when she does cancel on you, don’t take it personally.  Say something like, “Oh okay that’s cool, have fun!”  Or something else showing that it’s not a big deal to you that she cancelled.  By having a cool/calm reaction, she will see that you’re not a clingy psycho and that you take rejection well.  You don’t crumble into a whinny little boy the second something doesn’t go your way.  You roll with the punches.

Also, if she cancels and immediately tries to reschedule for another time, then you really have nothing to fear because you know she’s still interested.  However, if she doesn’t immediately try to reschedule, you shouldn’t try to do so right then and there.  Reschedule something with her a couple days later.  That way you won’t seem like you’re way too available (even if you are).  You should never come off desperate or clingy in any way.  Whether she hangs out with you or not, you’re a guy with a life, and you’re going to continue doing your thing with or without her.


Pierre VonAyre aka “The Professor”