A Comprehensive Guide to Talking to College Girls

Most of what I have to say in this post involves what NOT to talk about with college girls.  Therefore, this post is targeted to all of you college guys out there.  Any 35 year olds reading this, get a life.

Though I am no longer in college, I do remember some of the tactics I tried in order to pick up college girls, which has helped me to learn what to talk about and what not to talk about.  First things first, I’m sure you will go out and see girls at parties, or elsewhere on campus, who you have classes with.  Do NOT approach those girls and talk about the class you are in with them.  In fact, avoid the topic of “class” all together.  That goes for any girl you are talking to.  Don’t talk about class, teachers, or homework.  This is especially important if you are at a party.

cute college girls

In general, when people (especially girls) are at parties they aren’t trying to talk about class or their major.  All their interested in is forgetting about the school week and having fun.  That’s why it’s your job to show her some fun.  You have to be that fun guy who lights up party.  Just because you don’t know exactly what to say doesn’t mean you should revert to mundane topics like school work.

On a similar topic, you should also be careful when you see a girl you want to approach who is also in one of you classes.  Don’t go up to her and say something like, “hey aren’t you in my Stats 300 class?”  That’s just straight creepy.  On that note, don’t even bring it up until you have established a conversation with her.  When you do finally bring it up, don’t do it in a direct way.  Instead say something like, “Yeah I’m trying to have fun the next few weeks before my dumb teacher in Stats 300 gives us another test.”  Then she’ll be like, “hey I’m taking stats too!”  And that will be your connection point where you can establish familiarity with her.  At that point you are no longer a random guy she met at a party.

The reason that I’m focusing so much about not talking about school topics is because most guys revert to that when they don’t know what else to say.  I’ve done it, we all have.  That’s because your main focus when you’re at school is your school work, so that’s all that you’re surrounded by.

What you need to do is to separate yourself from every other guy around you (most likely being those drunk idiots).  You need to establish yourself as that cool fun guy who handles himself well at parties and around campus.  Your style needs to be on point.  As far as what to actually say when you approach girls is purely situational.  You can try to have some “canned lines” like some pickup artists suggest, but I feel like that’s fake.  So what? Are you going to use a canned line for everything?  No.

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You should be making fun and witty observations to open up conversations.  Try looking at Nicholas’ conversation posts for reference, like Real Conversations with Women, Nicholas vs. Subway.  To keep a conversation going, you should be talking about interesting things happening around you.  Like for example, make a funny comment about some drunk dude doing something weird.  Or about how guys are man-handling some chick on the dance floor.  I’m sure there are plenty of funny things happening around you that you can comment on.  Last but not least, always have fun!  The guy who is out there purely having fun will not end up a loser at the end of the night.


Pierre VonAyre