Style Addition of the Week: All Business, No Play

As I study the change in style trends going on, I am noticing that the “professional” style is really becoming popular.  It’s trendy to go out in a tucked-in button down with a tie and a nice pair of wing tip shoes.  That’s ballin.  It’s starting to be cool to rock the business look, like you just came out of a meeting.  Of course other guys won’t really think so, but who honestly cares what guys think? Continue reading

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say

Then don’t say anything at all.  Hasn’t your mother ever told you that before?  If not, then hear me now.  It’s easy to be that guy who gets laughs by making fun of other people around him, especially those drunk idiots doing dumb things around you.  But what happens when you’re talking to a girl, you see someone being weird and make fun of them, then that person turns out to be related to the person you’re talking to?  Spoiler alert: you’re out. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day

With the “day of love” quickly approaching, many of you are probably feeling pressure to do something spectacular because your significant other loves valentine’s day.  Let me put your mind at ease a bit by saying this; your girl doesn’t necessarily want something big and grand.  In fact, it’s not really exactly what you give or do for her at all.  Rather it’s the thought and effort put into it. Continue reading

Fighting is for Chumps

There are some guys that I know that live to pick a fight, especially when they get to a certain level of drunkenness.  I’m sure many of you have also seen fights break out at bars or clubs (especially in college).  It’s exciting in a way, especially for men, to see these random fights break out.  We all know they aren’t gonna go anywhere, but it’s still entertaining to watch.  Heck, I even used to box so I like watching a good fight on tv!  However, the vast majority of women do NOT like fighting. Continue reading

Style Addition of the Week: Boxers, Briefs, and Socks

There are a bunch of obvious style choices out there to get you noticed and to increase your overall style.  Shirts, jeans, jackets, etc. all work together to either make you look awesome, or turn you into a Plain Bill.  No one like a Plain Bill (man version of a plain Jane).  Two style choices that aren’t mentioned very often however, are your underwear and sock choices. Continue reading

The First Kiss

The first kiss is one of the many milestones in a relationship with a woman.  There are those out there that talk about the “kiss close” when you are in the field.  That is usually when a guy will kiss a girl after only a few minutes of talking to them in order to seal the deal.  Others say that the best way is to kiss on the first date, and that if you don’t kiss then, you’re pretty much out of the picture.  I’m going with my own bit of advice concerning this matter. Continue reading

What’s Your Excuse Today?

There are those who will take risks, even if they make mistakes, and will eventually succeed.  They don’t let their fears or anxieties stop them.  They also use their mistakes as an opportunity to learn.  In fact, they almost go for the rejection because they know inwardly that they will learn more from them.  Then there are those who make every excuse in the book.  They continuously psych themselves out to the point where they barely make an approach at all. Continue reading