Rule the Dance Floor like a King

If you’ve ever been to a club, or bar with a dance floor, then you can probably confirm the fact that the majority of people on the dance floor are females (or guys standing there gawking).  If there are any guys on the dance floor actually dancing, they are usually those creepy dudes going up behind chicks and grinding on them randomly.  Do NOT be that guy.  If you are, stop now.  Then there are those guys who go on the dance floor, fart, then leave.  The last type of guy on the dance floor is a rare breed; those guys who know how to dance well and totally dominate the dance floor.  I am one of those guys. Continue reading

You Got Her Number, Now What?

You did it, you finally scored a number from that attractive girl you had been working on for 15 minutes at the bar.  You’re feeling accomplished and hopeful for all the possibilities in the future.  Stop right there!  At this point you really need to avoid thinking even past the first date.  That will make you way to vulnerable in all the wrong ways.  The first thing you need to do is work on your mindset before you even think of making contact with this chick.  At this point you need to have that laid back “who cares” kind of attitude.  If she answers back, cool.  If not, who cares.  And you really shouldn’t care!  There are more fish out there, so don’t put that pole away just yet. Continue reading

A Comprehensive Guide to Talking to College Girls

Most of what I have to say in this post involves what NOT to talk about with college girls.  Therefore, this post is targeted to all of you college guys out there.  Any 35 year olds reading this, get a life.

Though I am no longer in college, I do remember some of the tactics I tried in order to pick up college girls, which has helped me to learn what to talk about and what not to talk about.  First things first, I’m sure you will go out and see girls at parties, or elsewhere on campus, who you have classes with.  Do NOT approach those girls and talk about the class you are in with them.  In fact, avoid the topic of “class” all together.  That goes for any girl you are talking to.  Don’t talk about class, teachers, or homework.  This is especially important if you are at a party. Continue reading

How to Use Eye Contact like a Dragon

If you want to attract a beautiful woman, you need to make eye contact. This is one of the most under-the-radar ways to pick up a woman that most men do not even realize. The eye contact I am referring to is one that is so powerful that a woman can’t help but feel ATTRACTION for you. You need to be careful with how you use this tip because it is very powerful. Continue reading

Style Addition of the Week: Wrist Candy

No doubt, a nice watch is the most important accessory a man can own.  In fact, it’s one of the first things women look at when they meet you.  A nice watch can effectively show a woman that you have class and style.  Plus, who doesn’t like a baller watch?  What is important is for you to know how to wear the right watch with the right outfit.  First, I recommend starting off buying an all metal watch (silver color).  Gold watches are for old hairy mafia guys.  The reason is because all metal watches can go with a variety of clothing. Continue reading

Whip your Approach Anxiety into Submission

You’re standing at the bar and suddenly she walks in.  That stunning beauty dressed to tease with all the finest jewelry and eyes to kill.  All of the attraction alarms are going off in your head.  Immediately you want to approach her, to at least make an attempt to seal the deal.  This girl is way too hot to pass up!  However, the second you take a step closer to her, your heart starts to pound harder.  Your hands get a little shaky and the feeling of nervousness pulsates throughout your body.  The closer you get, the harder it pounds, until final you just give up and pretend you were walking to another part of the bar.  All of a sudden you find yourself on the other side of the room, occasionally glancing over at her hoping that you can somehow muster up the courage to approach her again.  Guess what, you have a case of approach anxiety my friend! Continue reading

Make the Whole Bar Your Domain

Let’s face it, a lot of guys (and girls) try to go out to the bars or clubs to meet people.  However, the vast majority of guys who go out just end up standing in the corner or at the bar with their friends.  They get no special treatment over anyone else, and end up going home alone at the end of the night.  Not so with the guys here at Seduction Wolf.  When we go out, we take over the club.  We have the bartenders giving us priority treatment, and we have the bouncers treating us like star guests.  Sometimes even the managers invite us to the club personally.  It’s not like we’re any more special than any other guy there, we just know how to work the bar scene to our favor.

Continue reading

The Bad Boy Look: A Gold Necklace and a Black Wife Beater

If you want to attract hot and beautiful women, you need to have the bad boy look. What does this mean? Everyone and their dog keeps talking about how women are attracted to the bad boy, but who really knows what this means exactly? I do. You know the expression: fake it till you make it? Well, I will confess something to all of you reading this. I use to be the biggest faker ever, and women would notice it as soon as I started to talk because I didn’t have the qualities of the bad boy. However, over time, I learned how to dress like the bad boy so women knew exactly what to expect from me. I became the man that was not your boyfriend. Women liked this because they weren’t looking for a relationship. They were looking for a Mr. Right Now if you know what I mean. Continue reading

Living in a Townie Paradise

Last night I had a revelation as we quickly exited a bar that we had just gone into three minutes earlier.  No one that we were with seemed to understand fully why other than Nicholas and myself.  The place smelled of cheap beer and cigarettes.  The bouncer was a scruffy fat dude who probably could have chased you about 10 feet before finally giving up and returning back to his corner.  The bar alley way was narrow and packed with about 20 guys.  Ladies and gentlemen, the townie bar. Continue reading

Avoid the Losers, Connect with the Winners

Nicholas here. This is going to be a post you want to pay attention to just like every other post I write. If you hang out with a bunch of losers, ditch them. What do I mean? It is a very simple exercise. Literally sit down and write the contributions that each of the people you hang with brings to the table. For example, person A brings money to the table and pays for everyone while he is out at the bar with you. This may be a good connect. Person B may bring along a few attractive women to the bars or clubs when going out with you so that your status is raised; this is good. Person C dresses very normal, talks negative, and makes fun of you when you look your best. You ditch Person C. Continue reading