Style Addition of the Week: The Right Shades

There’s just something about a cool pair of shades that adds a new level of badassness to any guy.  Sometimes it’s like an instant transformation; a dude with a friendly pair of eyes suddenly turns into that dashing mysterious guy the second he throws on a pair of aviators.  But choosing the right pair of shades that will correctly accentuate your face is a bit trickier that just pulling a pair off of the rack and throwing them on. Continue reading

Rules of the Wolf Pack

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a wolf pack is a group of people or things that operate as a hunting and attacking pack.  For the purposes of this post, we are going to use the word to describe the friends you surround yourself with when you go out on weekends.  A well selected group of friends will be as effective as a highly trained army in the field of battle. Continue reading

Online Dating Part 3: The Profile

Last time I talked about how to pick the right pictures for your profile (which is obviously a very important step).  Even more important however, is the content of your actual profile.  If you have an awesome profile, you’ll find your response rate to be much better, and girls will actually message you as well!  On the other hand, if your profile sucks then I can guarantee you will spend the weekend on your couch by yourself with a movie and a pizza.girl online dating

Continue reading

A Second Date Cancellation

There are certain things in this world that happen sporadically, in fact most things do.  It’s hard to set plans in stone because they never fall into place quite like we want them to.  However, there are certain events that seem to fall into a certain pattern.  One particular event happens after the second date, almost like clockwork.  It’s something that you can pretty much count on to happen, but is definitely not necessarily a bad thing. Continue reading

How to Get Over Fear Part 1

There is really one way to get over fear. The way to do it is what I call little by little. For example, if you are afraid of swimming, it would not make sense to jump off a ship in the middle of the ocean, now would it? The reason is because you will suffer from post-traumatic stress if that was to take place. If the fear is to great, it cannot be conquered all at once. So this is where the little by little concept comes to place. Continue reading

Make it or Break it With the Right Haircut

Let’s face the facts, a man’s haircut is pretty much the foundation of his whole look.  You can be dressed like the biggest baller in town, but if your haircut is sub-par, you won’t even make it as far as asking a girl what she does for a living before she walks away in disgust.  Remember that buzz cut that you like to rock because it’s easy to maintain?  About that; the only thing that buzz cut will do for you is earn you an extra 5 minutes in the morning to wonder why you still have problems attracting women.  Call me old fashioned, but I think a buzz cut should be reserved for hill billies and children. Continue reading

Don’t Be Cheap: The Responsible Way

We all know the importance of monetary responsibility.  But do you know the effects of being cheap?  I mean, do you REALLY know?  Did you know, the extent to which you are willing to spend money can enhance or hamper your ability to get women?  It can, and with a great degree of certainty at that.  Trust me I’m a business man at heart, always have been.  I am no stranger to the desire to save money and find good deals.  In fact, I still think it’s best to find the best deal you can with any purchase decision.  So when I say don’t be cheap, I’m not telling you to go out and buy $300 shirts. Continue reading

Style Addition of the Week: The Chukka Boot

You’ve probably seen them around; that is if you actually look at what shoes people are wearing.  I recently took a vacation to England, and spent an extensive amount of time in London.  One thing I noticed that people were wearing a lot there were chukka boots.  Not only were they wearing them, but they were looking fabulous in the process. Apparently they’re all the rage over there at the moment.  Of course, London is usually ahead of us in the fashion world.  That’s why this week’s suggested style addition is the Chukka boot. Continue reading

How Watching Adult Content Can Ruin Your Game

Many guys are obsessed with watching adult movies. They get obsessed because they fancy themselves with all the “beautiful” women that they see on their screen. However, they should know that a) those women without makeup are not exactly that pretty and b) it’s just a fantasy. It is not real. So how does this affect your game? It affects your game because of three things: Continue reading

Style Addition of the Week: the Right Cologne

This may be a shorter post than normal, but no less important than any other.  It is of the upmost importance that you choose the right cologne.  Basically, the right smell can make or break your game.

I would like to first suggest one of my favorites, Burberry Touch.  The way I could describe this one is that it’s “urban fresh.”  Every time I wear it, I get compliments on it.  Plus I love the way it smells personally!  This addition could single handedly improve your results.

Burberry Touch Continue reading