Stealthy Ninja Tactic to Find if She has a Boyfriend

Most men waste time talking to women not knowing if she has a boyfriend. Often times, we’ve all heard, the conversation will go something like this, “Oh you seem like a cool girl, can I have your number?” (I cringe at this way of asking a girl for her number), she replies, “Sorry but I have a boyfriend.” How many times have you personally heard this happen to either you or someone else? Unless you have been sleeping with dungeon trolls, you’ve seen or heard this. Continue reading

Become an Expert Conversationalist

Many men cannot hold or carry a conversation, my previous self included. I was one of those guys who a) didn’t have anything to say, and b) didn’t really care about having to say something. I simply wanted to get down a woman’s pants as soon as possible. However, this always back fired. I did not know why at the time but with more practice, and now being an expert in the pick up field, I know EXACTLY why I failed. Continue reading

Why Canned Lines get you Nowhere

There are a lot of guys out there trying to suggest that using canned lines when approaching women initially is the best way to go about doing it.  While I see the point they’re making, and even somewhat agree with the practice, I think in the long run it isn’t really a beneficial thing to do.  I mean I guess from the point of view of someone who is really shy, canned lines would be useful in stimulating conversation, but there are definitely better ways of doing so.  I’ve tried it myself in the field and I learned some things in the process.

cans Continue reading