Real Conversations with Women, Nicholas vs. Subway

Nicholas was walking into Subway because he wanted to get a chicken sub. On his way through the parking lot, he spotted a cute blonde woman in her mid-20′s with a cute black sweater walking toward Subway as well. As Nicholas was about 15 feet behind her, she opened the door to walk in and stopped holding the door open for Nicholas. Nicholas thanks her and enters Subway with her. Subway was pretty quiet. In fact, it was so quiet that it was only Nicholas and the black sweater cutie standing in line. And you know Nicholas, of course he had to say something! Continue reading

Real Conversations with Women, Nicholas vs. Beach Towel

So Nicholas has to go buy a beach towel. Don’t ask why. He just does. So he walks into your local Macy’s and has two options: 1) Nicholas can go around and actually look for a beach towel (who does that?) or 2) Nicholas can pick up a beautiful woman in the process. Nicholas chooses option 2. Continue reading

Real Conversations with Women, Nicholas vs. David Beckham

There is a science to having conversations with women. The science is to captivate their attention for a good period of time so that you have them laughing over and over. Laughter is a powerful tool that you should use when having conversations. No women will hate you or not want to talk to you if you can make them laugh. Trust me, there’s been times where I stop talking to women, even on bad terms, and weeks or months later they message me because they want to laugh again. It’s like a powerful drug. Continue reading